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mesoprotech® hydra cream


Light antiaging emulsion offering very high factor sunscreen protection SPF 50+ for sensitive, combination and oily skins, that provides a powdered finish on the skin and absorbs excess oiliness and shine.

mesoprotech® hydra cream


Sunscreen with very high photoprotection, SPF50+, and high dermal tolerance for sensitive and sensitised skin and post-treatment, with exclusively mineral filters. Featuring a fluid texture with colour to minimise the white residue. Its formula includes prebiotics to rebalance the skin and reduce signs of sensitivity. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. Water-resistant. No perfume.

Active Ingredients

collagen pro-47
mesoprotech® complex

How To Use

three times a day, morning, noon and afternoon.
Apply in a sufficient amount (2 mg/cm2 of skin) on clean and dry skin half an hour before sun exposure. Reducing the amount of cream applied significantly reduces the level of sun protection. Reapply every 2 hours when in direct sun exposure and especially after drying off with a towel, after swimming or when sweating. Reapplication is essential to maintain the level of protection and the effectiveness of the treatment. Wear sunglasses and a protective hat in the event of direct sun exposure, and avoid exposure during midday and early afternoon (11:00 – 16:00). Topical use. Shake before use.

Additional Information

Brand – mesoprotech®
Age – all
Routine stage- protection
Type of skin – normal, dry, sensitive
indication – 50+ very high photoprotection for dry and dehydrated skin. Cream that provides comfort and hydration for greater skin elasticity and softness. Thanks to the ceramides, it restores balance to the water-lipid mantle, protecting and reinforcing the skin. Dermatologically tested. Water-resistant.
Treatment area – face

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